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From: Figley Whitesides
Subject: St Mark's Saga -- Dudley S. 12 year old petite (tt, o)Disclaimer: If you are not yet 18 years of age or if it is illegal to read
materials of this kind where you live, then please stop now. This story
contains descriptions of sexual activity between teenage boys. The acts are
consensual and are a result of their love or lust for one another.
"God dammit! What the hell am I doing up here? It's the middle of seventh
period; I'm up in the damned book morgue and I'm waiting for the biggest
doofus fucker in the school. Still, my crotch told me I was in the right
place.The book morgue, aptly named by the school's oldest degenerate, Farnham
Barriner, was a windowless upstairs room about 30 feet by 30 feet located
near the old cloak room and bookstore. It had shelves along the walls where
leftover and unwanted books from years 16 porno the school library were casually tossed
about, but the most significant feature was the foot-high pile of books
scattered everywhere on the floor. Survivors of various book fights, the
volumes on the floor were tattered beyond further use and formed various
piles and mounds. You could pick your way through the rubble or prop up some
books to make a cozy nest and settle down. Two bare light bulbs hung from
the ceiling and illuminated the room casting dim shadows along the walls.
The air was stuffy and slightly moldy, like an unused warehouse or even a
locker room.And the morgue was used much more like a locker room than a warehouse.
Because here was the appointed place were all the sex perversities were
acted out at prestigious St Mark's School for Boys. Here was the meeting
place for those who needed to get their 12 year old petite rocks off and those only too happy
to service them.I had heard about the place earlier in the year from Scott Malcolm, the
oversized 8th grader who was fond of taking liberties with some 5th or 6th
graders during the school day. nude under 13 yearsold Scott supposedly started the custom of
disappearing during free period 14 years anal mature
or study hall and hiding out in the morgue
with a younger buddy or two. There he would indoctrinate the smaller boys
into all the joys of mutual masturbation and cock sucking. Rumors were
fairly widespread among Scott's classmates about teens porno 11 12years his free period activities
and soon he was joined by some of his more adventuresome (and horny)
friends.A group of four or five boys had become regulars, sneaking away with each
other during the school day to satisfy their itching crotches. Usually they
took turns jacking each other off or giving each other blow jobs, but soon
some of the guys turned into specialists -- Rob could be depended on to suck
any 13 year sex girl dick that poked through a pair of khaki's and Bill and Troy seemed more
interested in getting their cock sucked than in returning the favor. Still,
the group was all friendly with each other despite which roles, active or
passive, the members tended to assume.I was turning into a cocksucker and rim job specialist. Nothing turned me on
more than grabbing hold of my buddy's dick and getting him off one way or
the other. I loved giving head and then after working him to a frenzy, turn
him around, pull his jockeys completely down and lick out his asscrack.
Meanwhile, I'd beat my own meat like a bandit and try to time things so we
would both cum at the same time on the pile of musty books on the floor.Somehow Dudley S. found out about the goings on at the morgue and began to
appear at a few of the sessions. Dudley was a junior, bigger and older than
his classmates. He was a husky boy and starting guard on the football team
for two years running. Blond, with a smooth, clean face, Dudley wasn't
handsome in the conventional sense, but was a ruggedly good looking guy. He
had a brain which put him in the bottom quarter of his class and he never
took academic life too seriously. He was one of the few boys who blatantly
got into trouble during school to make his classmates laugh. He was usually
rewarded with demerits and Saturday detention for his wisecracks and
loudmouth remarks. Still, he was a stud. He would parade naked around the
locker room after practice squeezing his dick and making lewd comments about
someone sucking him off. Most everyone assumed it was just locker room humor
and he was only showing off his eight inches (which actually got hard a few
times.) Once I saw him pull his dick out in the boys bath room and ask
Ricky, a young 6th grader to give him head in the stalls. Nothing happened,
I think.Anyway, Dudley started showing up at the morgue, where he would pull out his
prong and get sucked off by young 12 years porno
whomever was there. I saw him there twice
getting off in my friends' mouths and felt a longing in my crotch that told
me I wanted into this game -- and soon.So later that day I approached him. "Hey, Dud. What're you up to, man? I see
you've been hanging around upstairs.""Yea, saw you there yourself, Dale, and down on your knees too. Didn't know
you like to take it that way.""Sure, why not? As long as there's a hot willing stud and a big load of jism
waiting at the end.""Well, I don't know...but I sure like to get my dick off in someone's mouth.
And I usually get so horny I feel I could cum three or four times a day. The
morgue is cool. I like the guys who hang out up there and I like what we do
together. Don't you?""Yes, asshole. Why else do you think I hang out there myself. It sure ain't
for the atmosphere of that place.""Yea, it's more like an old dusty cellar with the smell of old farts and
stale cum thrown in. But it's cozy and no one seems to bother us there."I glanced at the stud next to me dressed in a blue oxford shirt, khakis, and
tan loafers with white wool sox, and blurted out, "So when 15 year-old tgp are you and me
going to make it together up there? I think I can give adolescents 13 years nudes
your friend down
there a good workout.""Just the two of us? OK, sounds cool to me. When sex thumbs 16 year
do you want to do it?""Like 7th period today. Are you free?""For you, baby, I'll nude16 years old girls
cut trig again. My dick's getting hard just thinking
about it.""See ya, stud."Well that was done. Normally Dudley and I traveled in different circles and
had little to do with each other, but, today, I wanted nothing more movis 14 years sex
than to
spend a half hour or so with him. Damn, I've got no control when it comes to
getting turned on by another teenager. Usually by two different kinds:
either a young, blond, chicken type; or the rugged athlete type. No doubt
which category I fell into. Now I've got to make it through three more
classes without my prick breaking through my pants of shooting a wad down my
leg. Tough work but I'll try.But up here waiting for the big baboon I started having second thoughts as
usual. The guy was stupid and coarse and a jock. But something about his
"don't give a damn" attitude turned me on. So different than the way I come
across at school as the clever intellectual bound for a first rate college.A rustling at the door startled me and I turned to see Dudley walk in.
"Jeez," he said, "good thing you made it. I'm so hot I could cum in about 30
seconds.""Well, thanks a lot," I replied sarcastically. "Sounds like a lot of effort
for only 30 seconds of fun.""Now cut it out. I said I'd cum in thirty seconds. But that's only the first
time. Then there'll be plenty of time for us to relax and get it off as much
as you want. I ain't got nothing to do the rest of the day except lacrosse
practice." He reached his left hand slowly down and began 14 year girl hardcore rubbing his
crotch.When he started scratching his balls I knew it was hopeless to resist him
and I walked over and put my hand against his growing tool. "Man, I've never
done this with you before. You've got a sexy looking bod, you know."I 25 year old porn kneeled down in front of him and kissed his crotch through his khaki
pants. It was a strange, sexy feeling kneeling in front of this hunk,
looking up his body, rubbing his buns with both hands, and nibbling his
crotch with my teeth.Standard procedure up here was to unzip your pants and poke your boner
through your fly for a blowjob. But I needed more. So I reached up and
started to undo Dud's belt and unbutton his fly."Hey, man, what are you doing? You don't have to do that to suck my dick."No, you're right, but I want to relax. Let me pull them down a little."Before he had a chance to protest again, I put my mouth on his white jockey
shorts. What a combination of sweat, butt, cum, and musk. Now I could
actually get his prick around my lips and I nibbled his underpants."Hey, man, you want me to give you a first class job, don't ya? Let me pull
'em off and I'll give you some pleasure."I popped his jockies past his hips and his eight inch rod bobbed against my
face. He was already three-quarters hard with a small drip of clear precum
leaking from his dick head. His rod was really beautiful - much darker than
the rest of him and so thick that I couldn't young 12 years porno get my hand around it. He was
cut but still had loose skin so I could jack him off a little before I took
him in my mouth. One of my hands pulled him slowly back and forth, while the
other cupped his low hanging balls. His nut sack was hairy but with skin
that felt like a baby's cheek. I pushed his balls up about an inch and
gently rubbed each one.I had to take a break from Dudley's crotch and give myself some relief.
Keeping one hand on his dick I used the other to unbutton my pants and
unzip. My fuckstick was bone hard and jumped as I grabbed and fisted it. It
was already lubed with precum helping my hand easily slip along the fat
ridge at the head. God, my hardon connected directly with my brain and began
ripping the top of my head off. Just a few pulls sent me over the edge and
made me desperate to suck Dudley's crotch and eat his dick.First a few kisses around his inner thighs wetting his pubes before mouthing
his enormous balls. I opened all the way and took one of them in my mouth,
careful not to hurt him. I washed it with my tongue feeling its almost
weightless mass completely filling my mouth. My nose was pressed against his
other ball forcing me to inhale his musky, pissy smell. The feel and smell
of his flesh mesmerized me as I sighed with pure joy. When I tried to breath
I closed my mouth a little causing Dudley to gasp and grab my head. At the
same time I kept stroking his dick which was now totally hard.He gasped a little at the sensations and began a slow whispered moan, "Man
that feels fantastic what you're doing. Suck my balls. Lick me all 15-year-old teen sex picture over."One more lick at his other ball and then I went for his dick. First, putting
just the head in my mouth and sucking back and forth quickly. Really giving
it to him with hard suctioning and fast strokes. I knew he loved it because
his rod stiffened all the way now and sixteen years girl porn felt hard as a piece of steel. Longer
and thicker and harder, it grew in my mouth, filling me as I took it movis 14 years sex
down my throat. I loved the feel of the now hard stick and tried to suck it
faster and deeper."Man, take it all the way. Let me feel your lips against my bush. This is
great!"I couldn't get the whole thing down my throat without gagging and I had 15-year-old teen sex picture to
pull out and get my breath. That gave me time to work back on the head
fluttering kisses on the tip. I also began to work my hands 12 years old upskirt
on his hard
asscheeks, massaging them and squeezing them roughly. He had an athlete's
butt: rounded and firm, without a bit of fat. And he tightened and released
his ass muscles as I blew his cock, giving me a good feel. But I wanted
more. I needed to years 16 porno
feel the sweet dampness of the crack between his cheeks,
that hairy pocket with his sweet pucker in the middle.I reached my fingers into his crack, past the clump of wet hair, and finally
found his little hole. I just rubbed ever so gently around the little
pucker, not even attempting to get inside, just keeping the slightest
pressure on his asslips. And all the while sucking his manpole with long,
steady strokes.Dud's breathing was becoming faster and his butt was contracting rapidly in
time to my sucking and squeezing. "Take it, you bastard. Take my load in
your mouth. I'm cuming. I'm cuming."And he sure did. First one, then another, and another load of hot steaming
cream. Gobs of the stuff pumped into my mouth. More than I could swallow as
some spilled down my lips to my chin. But I swallowed most of the hot, salty
juice and it tasted like the sweetest drink I ever had."See, I told you I'd cum in about 30 seconds and I was right," he said,
still out of breath."Yea, you bastard, now you're going to have to shut up and bend over while I
get off," I joked. I began to turn him around and he hopped over, his pants
and shorts still around his knees. Bend over so I can kiss your lousy butt,
ok?""Sure but what are you going to do?""Just turn around and you'll see," I said and squeezed his buns, which were
now level with my face. I slobbered his rear end with kisses and tongued his
cheeks, working my mouth toward his crack. The funky smell of his ass
filled me with sexual fury. I spread his cheeks with my hands and dove my
face into his ass cleft. What heaven! The dampness, the bristly hairs, and
finally the soft pucker of his ass hole. I was losing control year 2000 girls xxx and driven
into sexual madness."Hey man, you're actually eating my ass! All right. Go for it. Suck my
booty. It feels so weird, I think I love it. Tickle me down there. It feels
so wet and slippery."Dud's response made me go further. I pulled on my own dick faster and faster
as my tongue found his fluted pucker. I licked around the edges and bit
gently at the little hairs. I kissed the hole and then darted my tongue past
the entrance. Just a little, I pushed my whole face forward which drove my
tongue further into him. Then I stiffened my tongue as much as I could and
drove it into his ass hole as far as I could. Back and forth, I jammed it
into him four or five times.I listened to his panting and kept my tongue working, deeply inhaling his
sweet butt juices. With my face buried in his ass, I could feel my cum
bursting through my body and shooting out my dick. Oh, what a release to
pump a huge wad onto the floor!Dud turned around while I shot my final thrust onto the books and I glanced
up to notice he was hard again or pretty close to it. "Wow, Dale, that was
the greatest. Never had my butt licked out before. Where did you learn to do
that?""I don't know, but it's kind of sexy isn't it? There's a bunch of other shit
I'll bet I could show you, too."I can't stand it, I've got to get off again. Where do you keep the grease
around here?""Over in the corner. I'll get you some." I got up and went to the side of
the room and pulled out a jumbo king size jar of Vaseline covered with some
old books. That jar had seen many a good time, I thought."Here, Dud, you want me to rub some on your dick?""Yea, 25 year old porn grease me up so I can shoot off again."I gooped up his fuckstick till it was slippery and shiny with grease.
Naturally, it was hard as a steel pipe. Dud grabbed his own dick and I knelt
beside him gently stroking his balls and running my hand along his ass
crack. Now it was Dudley's turn to be out of control and I reached beneath
his shirt and tweaked his tits a few times. His moans were getting stronger
and his strokes faster on his prick. When I thought he was close I told him
to cum in my mouth.I bent my head lower till it was even with his dick and squeezed his balls a
little tighter. He cried, "I'm cuming! I'm cuming!" he cried and began to
shoot his 14 year teen photos
load onto my face.The first shot hit me right on my year 2000 girls xxx forehead and the next few rounds covered
my face and mouth with globs of hot steamy cream. His second load was not as
big as number one but it felt like a pint of hot cream hitting my face. And
it had that same wonderful taste of salty boycum. I licked what I could 12-16 years old nude and
rubbed the rest of it on my fingers which I cleaned in my mouth."Not bad for a second shot," I quipped. "Bet you can't go again.""Yea, I could but I'm going to save it up for our next time together
tomorrow. That is, if you want to get together.""Sure, you're one cool dude and this was a hell of a lot of fun." I reached
out and shook his prick while he tried to pull his pants on."Like I 16 year porn picture
said, I'll bet I can show you a few more new things to try.""I'll bet you can. I've got to get to practice now. It's always easier to
play 14 years anal mature
lacrosse after you've gotten your rocks off.Not a bad session. Maybe, I'll get to know this goofball a lot better.
Anyway, I feel a hell of a lot better now myself.
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